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Kanza, Lokua
Toyebi Te
Catalogue Number:WRASS066
Release Date:2002-05-27
Description:Born in Bukavu, in the Congo Democratic Republic, Lokua learnt his art singing in church choirs before experimenting with guitars in the rumba groups of Zaire. Honing his talents producing for the likes of Papa Wemba and Geoffrey Oryema, Lokua has now made an outstanding album of his own. The new album, “Toyebi Te” is already receiving great critical acclaim; “discreet, acoustic, quiet and natural, this collection of ballads constitutes an in depth reshaping of the contours of African song.” Sung in English, French and Lingala, the album is filled with enchanting melodies, great instrumental finds and beautiful vocals.
Review:"A thoroughly modern album with a cosmopolitan air, which at the same time sounds like a distinctly African record rooted in rich tradition. And that is some achievement" SONGLINES "As sophisticated and modern as they come...a glorious kaleidoscope with the subtlest of pop production values. a quiet revolution" OUTSTANDING - Sunday Times Lyrical compositions delivered in a soft and gentle voice that is reminiscent of Paul Simon" The Times

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Toyebi Te



Wrasse 2002-05-27  



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Wapi Yo



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