Miss Perfumado
Miss Perfumado
Catalogue Number:795402
Release Date:2000-11-17
Review:Like Billie Holiday, the Cape Verdean queen of morna--a slow, rhythmically ballad-like blend of African blues and the Portuguese fado--asked heartache to come in and set a spell. In fact, trouble and Cesaria Evora are longtime soulmates. This 1992 album (released in the US in 1998) about nostalgia, longing, hit-and-run lovers and the sea features titles such as "Barbincour" ("The Conman") and "Torura" ("Torture"). It went gold in France, transforming the plump grandma diva of her West African island's beachside canteens into a world-music icon. Not the least of Evora's magical appeal is that those smooth, honey-rich vocals suggest a universe of passion and pain, with nary a spasm of self-pity to break the spell