The Best Of - Golden Voice
The Best Of - Golden Voice
Catalogue Number:WRASS59
Release Date:2001-11-05
Review:Despite being born to royal lineage, with ancestral roots going back to the Founder of the Malian Empire, Salif Keitaís albinism was considered a sign of bad luck in Mali, and resulted in his being spurned and alienated by his community and even by his family. He spent his childhood and teenage years feeling isolated, and turned to music as a means by which to make use of his talents and connect with others. His reputation spread far and wide.Known around the world as "The Golden Voice of Mali," Salif Keita's unique sound blends the traditional styles of his West African homeland with influences from Cuba, Spain, Portugal, and the Middle East. For the first time - a best of Salif Keita - 22 tracks from across his expansive career. A must have CD