Born Free But Always In Chains
Born Free But Always In Chains
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Release Date:0000-00-00
Review:This is prophetic performance poetry at its most powerful. And the music is good too. Mzwakhe Mbuli was in prison when he recorded the new tracks on this greatest hits album. The sound quality on his voice is worse than previous records, like Resistance is Defence, and I suppose the other musicians must have been recorded separately. Some of the new tunes are not as strong as the earlier ones, so if you want consistency, get the classic, Resistance is Defence first. For my money the technical faults make the record all the more powerful. You can't forget what is happening to him - even if the record cover doesn't mention it. Joyful upbeat tunes work in with the angry words, creating something with universal appeal. He produces something that will outlive fashions for world music or whatever else come and goes, celebrating humanity and longing for change. Wherever we live we see some kind of injustice - but do we sing and shout about it?